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Raed Sports ist ein junges Unternehmen mit Sitz in Kempten, das hochwertiges Kletter- & Slackline Gear herstellt. Aktuell suchen wir Unterstützung für die folgenden Tätigkeiten: 

Montage - Minijob

Deine Aufgabe ist die Vormontage und Endfertigung unserer Produkte, sowohl im Kletter- als auch im Slacklinebereich. 
Du bringst handwerkliches Geschick sowie eine Liebe für’s Detail und hohe Qualität mit. Eine handwerkliche Ausbildung oder ein laufendes Studium in technischen Bereichen ist von Vorteil. 


Bestellungsabwicklung - Minijob

Deine Aufgabe ist das Vorbereiten, Packen und Bereitstellen von Paketen für den Versand, sowohl im Kletter- als auch im Slacklinebereich.


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How's ZÆD different from other devices in the market?

1.: ZÆD allows for dynamic belaying for soft whippers.

2.: ZÆD allows for a quick rope pull by the climber for easy clipping in an unstable position.

3.: ZÆD allows to adjust the friction level according to the weight difference and the steepness of the climb.

4.: ZÆD can add friction even in steep overhanging terrain.

Please read all about ZÆD's advantages over other devices in the market

Is ZÆD certified after CE / EN / UIAA safety standards?

There's no CE / EN / UIAA standard for belay resistors yet. That's why we decided to have ZÆD tested by TÜV Austria after the strictest standards. You can check ZÆD's TÜV test certificate.

Why are there 3 levels to adjust ZÆD?

ZÆD is adjustable to the weight difference between climber and belayer. It's also adjustable to the steepness of the climb.

Level 1 allows a climber to be belayed by a lighter belay partner.

Level 2 allows a climber to be belayed by a much lighter belay partner.

Level 3 allows a heavy climber to be belayed by a much lighter belay partner. It also allows the installation of ZÆD in a steep overhanging wall.

What's so special about ZÆD's level 3?

This level's configuration still adds friction in steep terrain where a belay resistor usually couldn't flip up high enough to create friction. We designed ZÆD to overcome this problem, so it's a suitable device for even the strongest climbers in the steepest routes of the planet.

Does ZÆD add friction if I fall into the very first bolt?

ZÆD is designed for sports climbing which mostly happens in modern gyms. Here the first quickdraw is at a height where taller climbers can nearly clip it from the ground. If a heavier climber whip into such a low quickdraw while clipping the second quickdraw, having a significantly lighter belayer at the other end of the rope, it certainly creates a grounder, whatever device is used.

We can't change the physical length of the pulled out rope in such a scenario. In fact in gyms a lead fall with some rope pulled out for clipping is considered safe in recent climbing literature from the 4th (!) quickdraw on, anything below is considered a potential grounder, depending on the circumstances. Following that chain of arguments ZÆD doesn’t even pretend to provide added safety at the first quickdraw.

If you get into a climb with a potential whipper before the 2nd bolt, we highly recommend to preclip it with a clipstick or change the belay partner for someone heavier or just skip this route for that day and get into a less sketchy route and have a nice day with your lightweight belay partner.

Where can I download ZÆD's user manual?

Please visit our user manual downloads page

I've never heard about raed climbing before - who are you?

We're a small company based in Kempten (Allgäu) at the feet of the Bavarian Alps. We love to create highly sophisticated gear for alpine adventures - because we're alpine adventurers. You can read more about our company and its history in the About Us page

You have more questions?

If any of your questions is still unanswered, please feel free to text us, call us, email us. We're looking forward to hearing from you :)