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raed climbing

ZAED - stainless steel

ZAED - stainless steel

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included Carabiner

ZAED is an adjustable belay resistor that allows lightweight climbers to belay their heavier climbing partner. It allows for soft belaying - our testers say ZAED feels like belaying / being belayed by a climber of the same weight. Now you can enjoy sports climbing with soft belays, regardless of the weight difference.

ZAED weight difference diagram

weight: 365g

MBS: 25 kN

Tested by TÜV Austria

Made in Germany


Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Most amazing piece of climbing gear I own!

I use it for up to 30kg of weight difference and it just works sooo much better than an edelrid ohm!

Max Skibbe
Macht genau was soll

Hatten es nun 2 Wochen im Kletterurlaub dabei.
Macht genau was soll - unterstützt beim Stürzen und Ablassen ist aber im Vorstieg beim Seilnachziehen komplett unaufällig.
Tolles Gerät

Volker M
einfache Bedienung und echte Erleichterung

Dieses Gerät ist nach etwas Eingewöhnung echt einfach zu bedienen.
Und es unterstützt enorm.
Wir (85kg und 63kg) können ohne Stress klettern gehen.
Absolut empfehlenswert!

Does exactly what its supposed to do

I used the ZAED in lead as well as top rope use with various belayers. It works fantastic! If you climb with various belayers, I highly recommend the device.

Early Impressions are good

Used our Zaed a few sessioms now, maybe 30 falls on it, much easier to achieve a soft catch already, and definitely better to pull up to clip.
We have used an Ohm for hundreds of sessions, and it is a great device, but I believe for an experienced belayer the Zaed is a better choice.

My partner is 50kg and I am 88kg. So I think the weight difference is higher than the recommended, but the device functions perfectly.

Soft catches with an Ohm are possible, but the timing is very hard to get right, and some of the catches I have had were very hard.
Initial use of of the Zaed is softer catches in all scenarios.
If my belayer is passive and just stands still, with the ohm the catch can be very hard, with the Zaed it is softer even with the belayer just standing still. With belayer actively giving soft catch the Zaed is more consistent at giving the soft catch, and the catches are softer than the Ohm.

Belayer will travel further towards the first bolt, and the Zaed needs better awareness of positioning by the belayer, which is why I suggest an ohm is great for beginner belayers, and suggest that the Zaed is a great device for intermediate climbers looking for soft catches whilst sport climbing

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